Custom awards and trophy selection at Buy Awards & Trophies

Whether you have an over-the-hill party or a retirement party, guess what? You can celebrate someone special with an engraved item that they’ll forever cherish. Birthday cards are simple, but a custom trophy can last a lifetime. Here are a few custom trophy ideas for your next event.

Get Personal

First and foremost, your custom trophy can be as personal and detailed as you like. If your teacher is turning 50 this year, and you’re quite familiar with their likes, you can add their personal touch. A heartfelt note, quote, or even a picture can be added to a plaque or trophy of your choice. The idea is to make it as personal and memorable as possible. A celebration of retirement is exciting, but a personalized trophy can capture the height of all of the years they’ve made an impact on their peers.

Makes a Great Gift

You can turn an ordinary gift into something memorable! Your son’s soccer team just won their last game which sent them to the finals. This is a way to emphasize the importance of his role -big or small - as a team player. And this is a gift that will not lose value over time. Much like toys that go out of style or are eventually outgrown, trophies leave a lasting impression. According to studies, trophies are great motivational tools as well! Coaches have had great success just by celebrating the whole team after a long game.

What to Choose

There are plenty of customized trophies on the market. But how do you choose the right one that fits your event? If you think about the person who the event is for, you can narrow down your search and customize based on the individual alone. Here are a few examples of customized trophies for your next event.

  • Acrylic - Simple, timeless text on clear plaque.
  • Wood Plaques - These are engraved and great for wall display.
  • Award Cups, Bowls, Trophies - Shelf display and easily made to display a variety of personal features.
  • Banners, Signs, Desk Wedges, and Name Tags - Simple and customized to your event’s theme.
  • Display (Trophy) Cases - Personal items meant to be kept in view but out of reach.

It’s important to choose the right trophy or plaque for your event. Contact Buy Awards & Trophies today for a huge selection of options that will allow you to display your appreciation in the most unique, expressive way possible