At Buy Awards and Trophies, we specialize in all things trophies! We do traditional- football, soccer, baseball, all the way to wii, karaoke, food bake offs, etc. This time of the year one of our most popular trophies is the Ugly Christmas Sweater trophy. 

There are many ways win an ugly sweater competition, but we think we have the perfect checklist to make sure you are the winner this year!

  1. First, realize that the sweater doesn't necessarily have to be ugly.  The more festive and tacky the better your chances are.
  2. Second, think 3D.  Anything that sticks off the sweater will give you brownie points. 
  3. Third, the frumpier the better.  Anything that looks like you got from your grandma's attic is good.
  4. And finally, if you want to get really serious- make a sweater with lights and sound!  It will me sure to impress!

Ugly Sweater Trophy

(Here is an ugly Christmas sweater trophy with an ice sculpture base!)

And if you are in need of a trophy for your ugly sweater competition this year, have no fear!  We have a wide selection of ugly sweater trophies for you to choose from on our website