With winning an award comes with the glory of displaying a totem of your achievement, it is a commemoration of hard work and outstanding effort.  But what if that moment of glory could be shared and passed on with future successors?  With a traveling trophy it can!  You can celebrate many years of accomplishments and honor past, present, and future award winners all with one trophy.  Choose any of our stylish traveling trophies to honor the years' past and preset champions!  You will be sure to enjoy presenting this beautiful yet inexpensive award to each of the recipients.

Traveling TrophiesTraveling Trophies

Traveling Trophies

Each of our traveling trophies can be fitting for any event or age group.  The front plate holds your trophy’s title, and can also hold your logo to make the award unique to your event.  Each of the other three sides of the base can hold 6 small name plaques, for a legacy of up to 18 names.  This will be a trophy everyone will be proud to pass along the winners from year to year!

Take a look at the selection of traveling trophies on our website, or contact us for questions about customizing any of these trophies for your event at  customerservice@buyawardsandtrophies.com!