Whether you refer to it as clay pigeon shooting, skeet shooting or sporting clays, rewarding competitive shooters is becoming more and more popular among groups and professional outdoors organizations.  But when there's a big competition in the works, where do you go to order customer or personalized clay sporting trophies?  Here at Buy Awards and Trophies, we understand how proud competitive clay shooters are of their skills, and offer a diverse selection of fully customizable trophies to mark their success.

Clay Shooting Trophies

Here are just a handful of reasons why we're the best place to order shooting trophies online, as well as some of the options you'll have when choosing the right ones for your event.

  • A generous selection of clay sporting trophies in many designs and sizes
  • Great inventory of medals, plaques and traditional pillar trophies to choose from
  • We offer free engraving on all trophies for pigeon shooting competitions
  • Constructed from quality materials that will preserve appearance and durability
  • Discounts on bulk orders to help those rewarding all participants in an event
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Choose from Dozens of Clay Shooting Trophy Styles

With nearly three dozen styles and sizes of clay and skeet shooting trophies, plaques and medals to select from, we make it easy and fun to choose the one that's perfect for your group or competition.  This includes sporting trophies in a full range of sizes, champion's trophies, one of a kind and funny awards, as well as those that convey prestige and timeless good looks.

Browse our complete selection of Sporting Clay Trophies and order with confidence through our SSL-secured website.  For more information on pricing, shipping or group discounts, write to us through our contact page. Since 1975 we've been working hard to make buying trophies easy, and look forward to helping you however we can!