Offering trophies and awards could solve motivating students, athletes, employees, and others. Consider this tactic if other efforts to incite a team fall short of desired results. Trophies, awards, and plaques can spark a motivated response that carries people through to the end. Help others achieve their goals with personalized incentives from Buy Awards & Trophies, based in Cleves, OH – a science-proven strategy.

Trophies & Awards Motivate Excellence

How Science Supports the Success of Material Motivators

A pat on the back might not be the most effective reward for athletes, employees, contestants, or students. A material reward they can hold, however, could spark a more enthused response. Dozens of different psychological and neurological studies support the idea that trophies, awards, and plaques can make a measurable difference in motivation:

  • The American Psychological Association finds that greater motivation equates to better learning and recall. Cognitive neuroscience studies show rewards enhance learning outcomes, thanks to a response in the hippocampus from signals from the brain’s reward center.
  • UNC Executive Development states that a connection between motivation and dopamine can lead to something such as an award or trophy triggering feedback in the "nucleus accumbens" of the brain. In other words, knowing something good is about to happen triggers the motivation to respond.
  • Numerous studies on the relationship between awards, trophies, and badges and motivation have found that they create higher performance expectations, increase self-efficacy through goal orientation, improve commitment to a goal, and provide valuable feedback.

It’s important to speak a language your team understands in terms of performance motivation. Awards and trophies have withstood the test of time as a top type of incentive. To boost productivity, get more effort out of a team or group, and make a task or challenge fun for participants, custom awards and trophies are the ideal solution. Count on Buy Awards & Trophies for high-quality items delivered to you!