A few weeks ago, a customer requested a special medal for a Around the World in a Day themed party. At BAT we thought, "what a cool and interesting party theme!" which inspired us to dig a litter deeper and find out how to throw the perfect explorer party. Here are a few suggestions:

Airplane Ticket Invitations

Send invitations out to your party guests that are made to resemble an airplane ticket! Use the party time as the "flight time" and request an RSVP by asking guests to call and confirm their "reservation". Get as creative as you please!

Ask Guests to Choose a Nation and Dress Accordingly

To add a little more fun to the party, ask guests to come in costume or in the dress of another nation on the invitation. This gives children a chance to use their imagination and have fun trying a look from a new culture. Chocie of costume can be modern or historical. Some examples are a kimono for Japan, sari for India, or a toga for Greece.

Stop at Various Nations Via Fun Party Activities

Take a trip around the world by engaging in fun activites from different cultures. Try hitting a pinata in Mexico, henna tattoos in India, tea in England, making a Chinese lantern in China, kangaroo races in Australia, "boat rides" in the Amazon, and hula dancing in Hawaii. The possibilites are pretty endless when it comes to options for world travel, don't be afraid to do some research on different nations and get creative! Also consider giving out nation-themed souveniers. Make the party a learning experience by teaching facts about each country.

Issue Passports to be Stamped at Each Stop

Give each party guest a passport to fill with stamps or stickers. Make your own passports using folded paper or buy little notebooks from the dollar store! Children can take their passports home as party favor to remember their trip.


Of course no party is complete without treats and snacks! Choose a meal from one nation or have little samples from all. Again, the possibilites with food are pretty broad. You can choose a familiar dish like pasta for Italy or go adventurous and see what your local world food market has to offer. Get creative with the birthday cake and decorate it to look like a globe or map!

Present Each Guest with a Participation Award

World Party Trophy

Help your guests remember their exciting adventure with a fun award medal! Praise your children for their interest in expanding thier knowledge and learning about other cultures.

As always you can contact us directly for any custom award requests. We can also print stickers or banners for all of your party needs!