Baking is very important in many cultures. Families pass recipes down through generations and celebrate their successful ones. Some recipes are so highly praised that there have become competitions to determine the greatness of these family recipes.

Here are some helpful tips that will guide you through hosting an organized, and tasty bake off!

  • Decide what category of baked goods you will be hosting in your competition; for example: cookies, pies, or cakes.
  • Find a location for the date of the contest. This can be difficult depending on the amount of people involved.  For a baking contest, the food will be made beforehand so an event hall, family own, church, or large outdoor space will work fine. 
  • Determine what the prizes will be. Don't worry- we've got you covered in this department!  We have a wide section of trophies and medals for cookiepie, and cake bake-offs!
  • Determine who the contestants will be. They may be family, friends, coworkers and other community members. If the location is an expense consider charging a low entering fee to those who are involved.
  • Have a set criteria for the judges to choose, so that personal bias is not a factor. Things to consider are packaging, consistency, appearance, and taste. Make sure the contestants know the criteria beforehand. The judges should be a mixture of men, women, of different ages for a variety of perspective.
  • Create a schedule for the day of the event and make sure there are areas set up to display the cookies.
  • Let the judges try all of the baked goods and decide on a winner!
  • When a winner has been chosen, present them with an award to commemorate their outstanding baking achievements!

Cookie Baking Trophy

(Here's one of our cookie trophies!  The bottom plate can hold engraving for the event name and year.  And as always, we have free engraving for this text!) 

At a competition where there's food involved, everyone is sure to have fun!  So grab your forks and get ready for a good time!