At Buy Awards and Trophies, we specialize in all things trophies! We do traditional- football, soccer, baseball, all the way to wii, karaoke, food bake offs, etc. This time of the year one of our most popular trophies is the Ugly Christmas Sweater trophy.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Trophy

Many times, you may have to resort to a pricey vintage sweater online or a trip to the thrift store to find an award-winning ugly sweater. These sweaters, while they may definitely fit the bill for a champion, can be stuffy, scratchy, and uncomfortable!

Luckily, we have a fantastic alternative. Secure victory in your office's ugly sweater competition by sporting an Ugly Christmas Sweater T-Shirt by Buy Awards and Trophies! Printed to resemble a sweater, our clever and fun designs provide an edge over traditional sweaters with their contemporary fit and 100% soft cotton fabric that keeps your more comfortable than dusty old wool! Choose a short or long sleeve tee!

Ugly Sweater Trophy

(here is an example of one of our great sweater tees! See them all here)

And if you are in need of a trophy for your ugly sweater competition this year, have no fear!  We have a wide selection of ugly sweater trophies for you to choose from on our website