If you are anything like us here at BuyAwardsandTrophies.com you love football. You may live in a city where your NFL team is always doing great, or you may live in a place like Cincinnati where, let's be honest, it could go either way. Well we have created a party game for you to enjoy while you are watching, football, or hanging out with friends!

Pass Out Board Game

Here are the Rules while you are not watching football:

  1. You will need at least 2 players. You will take turns rolling. Player 1 will Roll the first ball, and take the assigned number of drinks. 
  2. Next, roll the second ball and assign those drinks to the player of choice. For each round you will multiply the assigned number that many times. 
  3. For example,  on round 2 you will multiply the number you roll by 2, for round 3 multiply by 3 and so on..
  4. If the ball rolls off of the board the player loses the next turn and must take 10 drinks.

To get your own copy of the game, visit the product page.  Have fun!