Easter is quickly approaching this year, and many families and groups are beginning to plan their holiday activities. Whether you’re hosting an Easter egg hunt or a youth group field day, Easter awards and trophies are necessary for the seamless execution of your event. If you need an Easter award for your event, follow these tips to choose the best option for you.

Custom Easter Awards & Trophies

#1: Consider Your Event
Before you begin choosing your Easter award, you will need to consider the type of event that you are holding. Is the event just for your family’s egg hunt? Are you hosting a large competition with multiple groups of people? Is your event adults-only or are children involved? What prizes will you be giving out at the event? All of these questions impact the type of trophy or award you want to purchase. Young children may want decorated medals, while adults and teens may covet a large trophy.

#2: Consider the Purpose of Your Award
Next, you will need to consider why you are giving the Easter award. Is the award for the person who finds the most eggs? Are you holding a bake-off for Easter desserts and you want to provide a trophy for the best Easter cake? With these questions, you can select an award that fits your purpose.

#3: Know the Types of Awards Available
When you choose your Easter awards, you will need to know what types of awards are available to you. You can choose different medals with varying designs around the edge. You can choose a commemorative plaque or from various shapes and sizes of trophies. Check out our selection of Easter awards here.

Having an Easter award worth winning can make or break your event. Are you looking for a high-quality Easter award to give to your loved one this season? Buy Awards & Trophies has the products right for you. Contact us today to browse our selection of premier Easter awards and trophies.